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  1. Carena
    Emboss Page - instructions.
    1. Over a plain white page I brought my photo of Caitlyn in and sized it.
    2 Copy the photo so they are laying one on top of the other exactly.
    3 on one copy double click -change opacity to 75%
    4 click effects and change to sepia tone (bottom copy after completed)
    5 send it to back so 2nd copy is now on top.
    6 second copy double click and change opacty to 25%
    7 go to effects - advanced and click emboss
    8 I used these levels: Light angel 50 degrees, light height at 35 degrees and depth to 20 click apply and then click apply again. The image will look quite black and like concrete very rough.(setting are adjustable to you likes and may depend on the photo used)
    9 add your own elements to your page. Remember you can overhang them over the edge of page - the excess is cut off when you publish or save.

    I hope you find this helpful in your future layouts. I'd love to see what you come up with. Please direct anyone interested in the photo effect to the group so we can all share together. It's a public group and all are welcome.
    Kind regards
  2. pkdoll
    OMG! Carena this is soooo nice of you to give tuts on how to achieve these looks in SBM! For those that don't have other programs and only work in SBM this is awesome!! I for one thank you for doing this--what a great idea!!
  3. O2BNGdHope
    I'm so pleased you've decided to do this! You are such a busy lady with your blog, your stores, your designing that it's a wonder to me how you find the time. Thanks for thinking of us and hosting this great tutorial group thread!
  4. Jenna's mommy
    Jenna's mommy
    Thank you for this tutorial i am going to try it out, can't wait to see my end product.
  5. Jenna's mommy
    Jenna's mommy
    Thank you for a good tutorial, so amazing what one can achieve.
  6. sacannon
    Thanks for sharing this Carena, great idea!
  7. Tiffanys Scraps
    Tiffanys Scraps
    Thanks..Great idea here.. Create something beautiful, then get to share how you did it . Wonderful.
  8. fourfoxes
    Wonderful idea! I love to share!
  9. Wickel
    great idea
  10. Carena
    Hi - just wanting to correct a mistake I've made with shapes. When uploading I've had a setting incorrect which has caused the ghosting some have experienced.
    Please accept my apolgy for the mistake. I feel so, so bad.
    Here is the correction:

    I've done a layout using the shapes in the pack - you will find it in the gallery. I hope this helps inspire you with a layout or two. Scraplift it if you'd like - it's a great way to learn. Again so sorry for my mistake.
    Kind regards
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