May 2009

  1. angelwithin
    Hi ladies

    i've just trawled through the gallery making comments on any pages i spotted that you have made, they are fabulous and every one has done the kits proud, thankyou

    if i've missed any of the pages (you got to remember my eyes are old and don't always spot the pages ) pm me the links and i'll go look and comment

    thankyou all for your hard work, i do appreciate your wonder talent, time and efforts
  2. angelwithin
    oh yes, if you are wondering why there has been a lack of new kits in the store recently it's because i have a very special project on the go, once it is finished and when i am allowed to tell people what it is i'll let you all know what i've been up too

    i've managed to get a few kits up in store this week, and hopefully will start churning more kits out over the next few months
  3. angelwithin

    omg i'm so brain dead today, i keep remebering things after i've posted lol

    Some of our CT members have retired ...some for a while, some forever

    we have a new member joining ....scrappyfrog
  4. angelwithin
    just deleted all the old messages ....i'm being very organised today lol
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