I would like.....

  1. eye
    I love to see deep purples and rich Gold.Wealthy colors are an eye catcher.
  2. pilotswife
    I would love to be able to find a taekwondo or generic martial arts kit, including the classic weapons, a boy and a girl wearing a gi with interchangeable belt colors for when they earn a new belt. Maybe a trophy or ribbon or both for tournaments. Mats (like you tumble on), sparring gear, Korean symbols, kick boards, etc.
  3. fourfoxes
    Hi there! I would love to have a kit made especially for a girl's sweet 16 birthday. Pink is her favorite color. She is a very girly girl! Any ideas?
  4. angelwithin
    i shall have a go at these...can't promise they'll be ready soon coz i have a habit of getting distracted (im like a magpie...find a shiny object, or in my case an embellishment and i'm facinated)

    eye i put up two deep dark kits this week

    pilotswife i'll have a go at this, and foxy....i love working with pinks n girlie colours i'm sure i can dream up a real radical girlie kit for this lol
  5. eye
    Oh Faries and mystical stuff with jewells and sparkles and black branches and purples blues and pinks.We are all childlike.
  6. OnieRN
    This is a great idea! Wouldn't it be great if the designers could classify their stuff by "baby, Christmas, Wedding" etc when the put them in the stores........ then have a search engine where we can put in the key word and ALL the designers stuff that's labeled with the key word would pop up????
  7. luv2lookback
    Hello Everyone! What a great idea to open this group, thank you! I have had Scrapbook Max for close to a year, but circumstances have kept me so occupied that I have not (until now) had the time to start really learning how to use the program. I would like to start out by saying, I Would Like....a kit that is catered to military members, deployed soldiers/airmen, etc...and something with the support ribbons, possibly something for kids to send to their deployed moms and/or dads, etc... My husband spent a year in Afghanistan and we made a beautiful paper-style (non-digital) scrapbook for him, however the book was lost in the mail, and he never had the opportunity to enjoy it. I thought it would be so great if there were some kits online that we could buy to make digital scrapbooks to mail to them via email or a shared web space. Is this possible? I don't yet know how to make kits or even design pages of my own, however beginning on Monday, I will begin a digital design program with the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and hopefully will be able to use my new skills to design some scrapbooks and get some of my own "bright ideas" submitted here to share with everyone! Thanks again for this group! Very cool! Jacquie Perez
  8. luv2lookback
    Can someone tell me how to attach my photo to replace the big question mark next to my name?
    Thanks !
  9. nanwu
    Hi everyone, I would like also to request a military kit, but one that covers other countries. My hubby is a serving member of the Australian Defence Force (army) and I find that most of the military kits I come across are focused on American Corps, Marines etc. I have made a few embies and papers myself but I am not very good at it and would love to be able to have a kit that I could access easily.
  10. pmaycox
    Hi! I just joined the group but have not reviewed enough before making suggestions. In time, I will be able to do so. Thanks.
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