Challenge Ideas

  1. EclecticDiva
    I think its a great idea.. i see a lot of challenges on other sites too. Color challenges are usually fun.. Someone pics a color and everyone who participates has to incorporate that color in their layouts. I think if get's your creativity flowing..
  2. angelwithin
    great ideas...keep them coming are saving my last few brain cells from exploding
  3. O2BNGdHope
    Ok, I just saw this at another site and thought what a great way to get everyone together for a chat! They did a SPEED SCRAP. Everyone sets aside 2 hours (or less) to complete a layout. The first hour, you get one instruction at the start then every ten minutes after that you get another instruction for the hour. Then you have one hour to post your layout to get the participation bonus. In between instructions (and looking for your emby or paper, etc) we get to chat together.......all at the same leaving messages in the chat room.....LOL!

    I also like Wickel's idea about showing off our own states. Being from West Virginia but working in Virginia, I claim both! Civil War territory!
  4. O2BNGdHope
    Well, no one's posted here for a while. But I have another idea if anyone's interested. How about a MONOTONE layout challenge? One color in different tones for the entire layout. Anyone like?
  5. angelwithin
    monotones sounds plotting next weeks challenge so watch out lol
  6. pickngrin
    How about photo restoration before and after...just a thought.
  7. pickngrin
    Or hey, how about going green? You know, let's clean up the earth..
  8. pickngrin
    Round layouts would be challenging
  9. pickngrin
    a 9 square layout with at least 6 pics
  10. pickngrin
    may have been done before but how about an "all about me" layout. Has to have at least 2 pics of yourself
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