Challenge Ideas

  1. AmeliasMuma
    I have a few ... mainly seen on other sites but they are fun.
    Lyric Challenge
    Ad challenge - take an ad as inspiration
    Sketch challenge - create or take a sketch from online
    Scrap a desktop page
    Scraplift a Member
    Greeting card challenge

    thats all I can think of right now. I'll post anymore that I think of.
    Sue xx
  2. Wickel
    AmeliasMuma those are AWESOME ideas !!
    o0o0o that lyric challenge sounds like a blast.....add a twist. Pick an artist like ummmmmm Elton John and everyone would scrap a page using lyrics from one of his many hits ! You would still have to pick the artist Fi ( you won't get out of thinking that easily) hehehehe. The ad challenge could be run the same way. Just a thought.
  3. O2BNGdHope
    I saw a challenge on another site that looked fun. They scrapped their mother's funny quirks. We could pick any member of the family but some of these could be funny. They had the mother who stockpiles toilet paper, the mother who wants everything "dry" (no mayo, no ketchup, no gravy, etc).
  4. Oceania
    Hi all, I was thinking how about a movie challenge where one has to pick just one movie and do a layout on it. Make it a poster or something? I got this idea from the latest music challenge.
  5. angelwithin
    these are all great just know i'll dream up hard versions of these don't you
  6. AmeliasMuma
    How about a swaps challenge .... at the beginning of each month those who want to participate sign up [sign up time 7-10 days] then who ever is looking after the challenge creates pairs and they swap photos for a LO to be done by the end of the month. So less sign up time more time for creating the LO but more sign up time, more chance for people to participate. The LO would have to be in jpeg file for copy right issues. We would not be able to swap templates or anything like that.
  7. AmeliasMuma
    What about a style/technique challenge ..... you pick a different style/technique such as "negative space" or create a LO using the rule of 3rds or use an "Urban style" maybe a "Graphic Style" using no shadows.
  8. pkdoll
    Fiona you have come up with some really great challenge ideas!! Thank you for keeping it interesting!
  9. nanwu
    Hey I thought we could scrap a day in our life. Take pic's of your day (average day or spectacular day....doesn't really matter). Then scrap a page using these pic's.......anyway just an idea I did this for my grandaughter for a thing she had at kinder, where the kids had to pick either Saturday or Sunday and tell there class mates about things they did..including the everyday things they did like breaky, brushing teeth ect. I took photo's of her day and we set them on cardboard, then she told me what she wanted written next to each was heaps of fun and worked out real cool
  10. Wickel
    I don't know about you all, but I loveeeeee looking at the layouts ppl have created after coming back from their vacations. We should do layouts featuring points of interest in our own states and share them with everyone. That way we get to see how the other half lives lol.
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