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  1. Moonlightpearl
    JUst noticed I posted this reply in my own message box! Sorry start again here.
    Hi Louise I am sorry I don't know how to help you with your problem as I don't have Vista. You can start a new thread in the Scrapbook Max Discussion forum and I am sure our lovely friends here will help you out. Good Luck and welcome in SBM !!!
  2. Louise
    Hello, I am relativly new to SBM. I just love it. I have seen your threads & I really enjoy seeing your work. I have a problem that I am hoping you can help me with. I installed my SBM on my labtop and it works great, however I also wanted to put it on my home computor which also has Vista, but it does not seem to work. Part of the program went on, but not even 1/4th of it. I have uninstalled it & reput it many times with no better luck. Don't know what to do nor who to ask. If you can, please help. Thank-you so much in advance, Louise
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