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  1. mariet
    thats cool ! Sorry to hear about your computer problems Hope your up and running soon. This template thingie can be iratating. <<think I spelled it wrong<<
    I have tried several ways with no luck. LOL!
  2. sacannon
    Sorry, I was gone for a few days. I just got back a few hours ago and came home to a dead computer. I am using my mom's right now. I am not sure how templates from other sites will work. You can use the browse feature and go to where you have the template stored and bring it in that way. I don't know if the items in the template will be moveable. If you downloaded them directly to the template section then they might work. If I had my computer I could walk you through better, but I won't have it for at least a few days and maybe a week. Maybe someone in the forums could help. Sorry, usually I am a little more helpful!

  3. mariet
    Hi !
    I was hoping I could ask you a question on templates
    How would you bring in a template to SBM that does not have the smt on the end of the file ? As in you downloaded outside of SBM and you have it in PNG file form.
    I would like to say thank you in advance for all help you might be able to give me on this.

  4. mariet
    LOL ! thats just my luck . I think I will see whats available as far as a trail offer goes, if not then load Gimp. Either way I have got to learn how to use it. UGH !
    Things tend to be harder to learn as you get older. LOL ! Old dogs can learn new tricks it just takes longer
    Thanks for your responds though and I may just take you up on asking for help
  5. sacannon
    Sorry, you can't do extractions in SBM. Maybe they might add that in the future, but right now you have to have a program outside of SBM. I use Photoshop Elements 6. There are a lot of programs that will do it including some free ones. A lot of people start with Gimp. You can download it for free on the internet. There are also a lot of tutorials on the internet for how to do it. I haven't used Gimp so I can't explain how to do it in that. But you can give it a try. Good luck to you! If you need help after downloading it, I am sure someone who has used gimp (or some other freeware that does extractopms) will gladly help. Just make a post in the forum asking for help. Everyone is very helpful here. If I can help with anything else, let me know. If you get Photoshop Elements in the future I can help with that.

  6. mariet
    might I ask how you do the extraction of a photo for scrapping and did you do it with SBM ? I am interested in learning how to do it myself, all I have is SBM though.
    Loved your lo's
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