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  1. TheFreeSpirit
    Hello my dear friend

    As you know I had my surgery on Tuesday. I was very anxious by the time I went in, but it all went without a hitch. It was difficult to get onto the site on my mobile to send a message and I didn't seem to have your number. For future reference mine is 07715 410912. I have put a message in the NSBR forum as some of my friends on the forum may have wondered why I dropped off the planet.

    Surgery went great, the staff were wonderful and so kind, but I wanted to get home. The surgeon and his teem seemed genuinely astonished at my recovery so far, and were happy to let me go home yesterday at 5.30 as they understood that I intended to help my own healing. I know I can heal better at home and I have to say, I slept wonderfully last night. I have a wonderful husband who is so totally supportive, so its all good.

    Take care my friend and I hope you are well too.

    Much love and many blessings - Sandie
  2. TheFreeSpirit
    Oh I see. Well, it still looks like a real fun kit. perhaps you should bring your witch out of retirement.
  3. angelwithin
    Thats absolutely fine, I am happy for others to share the link to my freebies

    its a very old kit (probably about 4 years old I know the templates are version 1....its that old lol)

  4. TheFreeSpirit
    Hey babe! Just downloaded the link for your fabuloso Witchy page! I will definitely use it. I think the kit looks such fun, but I had never seen this kit before, I guess it must have been buried deep.

    However, its real topical right now, so I took the liberty of posting the links in your thread, hope that was alright, if it wasn't I will delete it.

    I thought, other people may want to get it now to make invitations etc for Halloween, or those of us following the old path may want to make cards to greet their friends.

    I have lots of photos from trick or treating, so I would love to make some layouts using this kit, if you would like me to, please send the link and I will get busy.

    Sandie xx
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