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  1. eye
    welljust do not disappear.Personnal trainer---is he CUTE ha ha.I always said I am not dead.Good to get in shape.Mine went somewhere after four kids ha ha.Oh well hubbie still loves me --- I think.You take care and pop in with some words on how you are doing so I won't worry xo
  2. fourfoxes
    It is not only my work that keeps me busy but my girls schedules as well. I am also paying a personal trainer to get me in shape and that takes some time as well. So you're right I do need to do things for myself and that is why I have hired the personal trainer. I am trying to get myself into better shape for myself and my girls! Thanks for always being there with a kind word. You are a terrific lady!
    Don't worry, I'll be back on here very soon. Besides my creativity is waning so maybe this break will be good for me!
  3. eye
    You should always make time for yourself.I work many night shift but always make time for me.It is important.Where do you work at.
  4. fourfoxes
    Miss you too. I miss the chat sessions as well. I just never have time anymore.
    I have pretty busy lately as well and am taking a bit of a break (unfortunately) from doing layouts. Other than the two I recently posted I have not been doing anything but working.

    Thanks for thinking about me!

  5. eye
    How have you been.I am on along stretch of nights.Miss yah.
  6. eye
    How are you.Miss the chats.Are you behavingI was thinkibg about yah.Hope all is well.
  7. fourfoxes
    Hope all goes well with Sheena! I'm pulling for her. And as you said, I too hope she remembers that this is fun. I would hate for her to be hurt.
    Your layout called Quiet Time was terrific by the way! I loved the look!
  8. fourfoxes
    Hello Eye! Just checking in to see how you're doing. I've been loving the pages you've done recently! Sending you ((BIG HUGS))
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