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  1. fourfoxes
    Hello Eye! Thank you for thinking of me. I have been busy with my girls lately and haven't been scrapping very much. I do have a facebook account and am on there more frequently than SBM unfortunately. I sure do miss the forum and all of you! I will try to check in more frequently. xxoo Debby
  2. eye
    Hi I miss you.How have you been?I had you on my mind so thought I better get a note of to you.You have not been online for awhile.
  3. eye
    I am so glad you are okay.You have been too quiet xo.Keep in touch eh.
  4. fourfoxes
    Hey! I'm just popping in for a few minutes today to say hi! Miss you guys! HUGS
  5. fourfoxes

    I haven't been on in a while. I've been busy during the day with work. I have missed you all. I will p.m. you with my email address I check that daily. Miss you! xxoo Thanks for thinking of me!
  6. eye
    howdy sweetie.You awful quiet.
  7. eye
    Oh that was me who ask to have it removed.I was thinking it may have angered people so before it got to far I requested it to be removed
  8. fourfoxes
    Hey there friend! xxoo

    I read your post earlier about the words Merry Christmas. I answered it and then when I went to look for it later today it was gone. Do you know if they removed the thread? I guess the subject may have been too touchy for the forum. How sad. Hope you're doing well. Talk to you soon. HUGS
  9. eye
    why thank you so much.I am perking up now.
  10. fourfoxes
    Hello! Just sitting here thinkin' about ya! Hoping you're feeling better.
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