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  1. Smile
    Ha Aggie go to NSBR and help Mary find her BLINKIE
  2. Smile
    Hello my friend. We keep missing one another. I do get your emails and I feel so bad for the little town where Bruno Torfs art work was. I remember seeing his work before and it is amazing. So so sad. All those lives lost. I thank you for keeping me informed. Hopefully we will both get on at the same time so we can chat. See you soon....Smile....xoxo
  3. scrappyaggie48
    Hey Smile how r u doin?
  4. scrappyaggie48
    Hi Lois

    I am in the chat room now if you want, I must have just missed you before
  5. scrappyaggie48
    Sorry mate, not telling.......... maybe I have and then again maybe not????????????????
  6. Smile
    Do you have my name?????????
  7. scrappyaggie48
    come on smile come chat eye is there too... we will be waiting for u
  8. scrappyaggie48
    hi there I am in the chat room if you wanna chat xx
  9. scrappyaggie48
    Hi smile received your card today - thanks heaps, I am in the chat room now if you wanna talk ciao
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