Conversation Between Jenna's mommy and eye

  1. eye
    Hi there.How have you been.Just thought I would pop in.xo
  2. Jenna's mommy
    Hi how are you? Sorry I am not around here so much lately. Will try to pop in more often. Miss all of you.
  3. Jenna's mommy
    hi eye not seeing much of you around everything ok there?
  4. Jenna's mommy
    hi Eye
    don't work to hard you can come over next to help me, lol.
  5. eye
    I see yah been digging in my past ha ha.Always nice to see my ole stuff gain ha ha.At least others can get it.Thanks for liking my stuff.
  6. eye
    yes it takes some gettin used to.Wished they told us and give us a little directions
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