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  1. wolvsie35
    Sweetie, most blog templates will only work in a photo editing program, unless it is a .psd file (layered areas)...All you can do with it in MAX is use it for a study guide...Hope this helps...((HUGS))
  2. Love4Scrap
    hi there I thought that you may be able to help me with my problem. I downloaded a Template from a Blog AND LOVE IT...,But it will NOT let me use it like I should as a Template in SBM... ???? What did I do? or what do i do?....PLEASE HELP....
  3. Love4Scrap
    Hey there!!!! I am just fine , the Computer that I had decided that it did not like My Scrapbooking I guess , and it gave up on me CRASHED!!! YIKES!!!!!!! , but I am here with a new computer and Maybe Now after months I can get things where I want them... Sorry that its been since Dec. ..... ,but we are GREAT !!!!! )
  4. wolvsie35
    Where have you been? Hope all is well...
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