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  1. Helen Miller
    this is the link
    View Slide Show
    I still would like it to show up full screen and turn pages....
    thanks so much again
  2. Helen Miller
    Thanks so much at least now I know where the slide show is...I was going into C scrapbook max. so thanks again,.
  3. Helen Miller
    I am sure I am a royal pain the butt. but could you just step by step. for me.....I have the album saved as slideshow, and image. but I can not find either when I go to sbm2.0
    thanks for any help
  4. wolvsie35
    Ok, in order to use any of the slide shows on the net, you will have to publish your layouts to your computer first...then upload them that way...((HUGS))
  5. Helen Miller
    Thanks so much will give it a try. I can't find the album tho? any ideas?I click on browse, then program files, sbm. and it don't come up?????
    thanks again. Mickey
  6. wolvsie35
    Sure thing sweetie....You can go to and upload all your pages to a slide show, and then it will give you a web address for them to come visit it...Just like on my blog..Hope this helps, and it is free... You can also make one through, same thing, different website...((HUGS)) Michelle
  7. Helen Miller
    please help???? is there a web address we can publish our albums to and just send a link to people we want to see them? I do not have a web site. help please.
    Mickey (Helen Miller)
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