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  1. eye
    when I give you can do whatever you want.IT IS ALL YOURS.
  2. bluevelvet
    Hi there I made a layout using one of your flowers and I wanted you to see it...Hope you like it....I would like to share the template if its ok with you....Thought I should ask you first since you made the flowers & they really make the layout pop out!!Christina
  3. eye
    Thanks for answering.I am so glad you are okay and hope to see you soon.
  4. bluevelvet
    Hey there yes I am ok, thanks for checking...I have been so busy this summer...Can't wait for Fall so things can slow down a bit. I am ready to get back to doing more scrapping. Have been applying to some of the ladies who are looking for CT's. Hoping to get one of them or maybe two to take me as one of their Creative Team members...I tried the Designer thing but I love making layouts way more than I like making kits....Besides it gives me the chance to get some of my pictures done..I have so many its gonna take a lifetime to everyone I said hello and I will try to get back in here to chat with some of you...I have missed doing that this summer......Talk to you soon, Christina
  5. eye
    I have not seen you online? Are you okay.
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