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  1. Smile
    I loved getting you on MSN. I just felt bad that I had missed you. This Christmas shopping is sooo hard on a to talk to you soon.....xoxo
  2. nanwu
    hey, hope you didn't mind that I got your msn....sorry i missed you, if you want me to delete you just say so....if not, hope to catch you next time
  3. Smile
    Hello Nan...sorry I missed you on MSN....I was down at Eye's until late. I know you were just checking in to let me know that you have my name.....right..?????
  4. nanwu
    hi smile, the background on my pic was taken in Tasmania, hubby and I finally went on our honeymoon for our 25 wedding aniversary and we stopped off to look at a miniture display of old Hobart
  5. Smile
    Hello Nanwu........heard you slip through with a hello.....I must ask you where is the background in your picture? It looks so nice. I'll be over for a cup of tea after
  6. nanwu
    hi smile, just skipping through the site leaving hugs and love along the way....hope you are well...and take care
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