Conversation Between nanwu and Kazr

  1. Kazr
    Wishing you a wonderful Birthday my friend,filled with love & lots of pressies
    Karyn. xxxxxx
  2. nanwu
    hey there girl, happy birthday for yesterday...we nearly have the same birthday how cool is that.....anyway hope you had a great time and got spoiled rotten
  3. nanwu
    got your message, so glad everything is okay and glad to see you back on here you have been missed
  4. Kazr
    Thanks for your concern Wendy, it has taken me a little longer to return to the net than I thought it would... but am back with you now,hugs, Karyn.
  5. nanwu
    hey kazr, i noticed you still not on, hope everything is settling down for you, will try and call soon if haven't seen you on here
  6. Kazr
    Thanks Sweety, it's slowly getting there, I have been coughing so much it has been hell on my back but hoping now I have stronger medication I will improve soon,appreciate your concern,hope all is well with you
    hugs Karyn
  7. nanwu
    Hey Kazr, hope your backs feeling better
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