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  1. eye
    no the pm did not arrive.try to resend it.
  2. nanwu
    hi, just sent you a short reply to the pm you sent me (actually is more like a book LOL), you know how i waffle on...anyway it went really weird when i sent it so not sure if it sent properly or not and didn't want you think i had ignored you
  3. eye
    How have you been.I willsoon be done of my job as laurie goes back to work on the 11 and that screws me up as we have one car.But I may be able to do an occasional shift on his days off. Enjoyed the job.Love nights.I am just about ready to go to work.Did you check outmy last two beach laouts.i really liked them.See yah later.
  4. eye
    Sheena is doing great.She is only in it for the excitement and to improve her self esteem.She does not expect to win.I love doing layouts for her as it is great memories when she grows up.
  5. nanwu
    yeah, will have to write more the way how's Sheena's singing going
  6. eye
    Your always a true friend.I never forgot you either.Often wonder how you are doing.We will have to write more often.xo
  7. nanwu
    Hey gorgeous, just saying hi to let ya know I'm thinking of ya
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