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  1. wfclair
    Painter X is a program. I then used CS2 for the B/W change. I added texture with Twisting Pixels. You can do a search on these. I recommend Twisting Pixels (paper) for scrapbooking. If you ever want to see how these things work I can get you into a Live Meeting and you can see on your computer what I am doing on mine. I use Goto meeting...a highly safe program. Many large companies throughout the world use it. If it were not safe Goto Meeting would be out of business in 2 seconds.
  2. Smile
    Hello Clair....I half to ask....what is painter X. Is it a program the you buy???...
  3. Smile
    Hello Clair: I just wanted to say that your work is beautiful. I loved the picture of the bride and so I looked your other one's up and they are amazing. I don't do many myself because I just can't seem to remember instruction' me a line some time....Smile....Lois....xoxo
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