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  1. scrappyaggie48

    Where it says current attachment it should have the file name on it - then click and bring it up and as I said in message select all and copy then paste into thread.
  2. scrappyaggie48
    Hi Omajo thank u so much for your comments on my LO it is very much appreciated. The link for the photofunia is:

    have a great day

    ciao for now

  3. omajo
    I live in Perth Western Australia.
    Huuh, its raining and bit cold at the moment, feel like having a cuppa, wish you can join me,....!!
  4. scrappyaggie48
    Hi Omajo

    I live in Fairfield Victoria where r u from??
  5. omajo
    Hi scrapyaggie, I just realize you live in Australia. Which part ? I live in Australia too, we are neighbours,..........!!
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