Conversation Between pkdoll and Smile

  1. pkdoll
    She lost her blinkie????? Oh NO! Whats a person to do now???? Hmmmm.... will have to go check it out! hahahaha! I am doing good and I see you are doing pretty darn good too. Talk to you soon.
  2. Smile
    Hello pk how are things...........I am writing because Mary has posted in NSBR and has some how lost her Blinkie,,,,,,,,so I guess that means she needs our help....
  3. pkdoll
    OMG! Smile I can't believe you messaged everyone!hahahahaha! Yes I just might have your name. It starts with an S and ends with an E----or umm it might start with an L and end with an e (Loie) or could it end with an S--my eyesight aint what it used to be--let me see----ummm, it could be you!!
  4. Smile
    Do you have my name?????????
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