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  1. eye
    awe shuckens yah make me blush.Thank you for the nice comments. xo
  2. pkdoll
    Eye you are the one that is soooo kind. You always have something nice to say, and you make wonderful pages out of things that everyone contributes to people. Thank You!! You are so considerate and it sure makes me and a lot of others happy to see you use our things. And thank you for all that you give back so freely to all of us!!!
  3. eye
    Well I loved using it and I wanted to have something you made to put in my wedding album.Thank you for being so kind. xo
  4. pkdoll
    Thanks for using my kit Eye! It turned out fantastic!!
  5. eye
  6. eye
    No you can see them but others that visit cannot.
  7. pkdoll
    Eye so you don't see my deleted notes? Hmm that's interesting. Maybe some day I will get this figured out!!
  8. eye
    So you may see deleted stuff but on me looking in I see only your posted notes
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