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  1. Liwayway
    Hello nanwu thank you for dropping by my profile I've been been @ school and my finals are coming that is why i've been absent the whole time I do miss the whole gang and maybe I will show up sometime. We are moving to San Diego, California after my finals and I've started packing up all our things it's really tiring but i'm excited to see all my husband's relatives especially the kids Ones again thank you for the thoughts and the messages. Just exetend my warmest regards to all the ladies Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and to your family.
  2. nanwu
    hi there, haven't seen you around for awhile, so thought i would just skip by and leave you some hugs and love....hope all is well with you...I have missed seeing you around
  3. nanwu
    welcome to our will find lots of wonderful friends on here....I think your layouts are fantastic
  4. Liwayway
    thanks for the compliments
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