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  1. mariet
    BOO ! I know your a busy lady, but wanted to pop in and say hi : )
  2. mariet
    hey Donna,
    wanted to pop in and say I am so glad things are going better for you now and I hope your hubbie continues to improve. Will keep your family on the prayer list and glad your back.
  3. autisticwonder
    Hey girl!! I've been restricted from sitting at the computer due to swelling of my ankles when I do.. Doctor told me I'm in full blown menopause..Insomnia, fatigue, weight gain, are just a few of the difficulties I'm having with it.. So I'm following Doctors orders with proper diet, exercise, sleeping pills, yada, yada..I'm feeling my sanity come back!! Yeah..thought I was experiencing dementia..sure feels like it at times..couldn't concentrate, moody, etc.. Once I get a grip on the symptoms with proper diet and exercise, etc.. then I'll do more for SBM.. The fatigue has been awful!!

    Thanks so much for asking!! Sure hope you are in better sorts than my menopause issues!!

    HUGS sweetie!!
  4. mariet
    popping in to say hi and hope your having a marvelous day !
  5. autisticwonder
    There are so many fonts out there..some have restricted use.. makes it easy to see which ones are unrestricted.
    I lost all my fonts links when I switched computers and lost a bunch of fonts as well.. I think is what it's called has oodles of great fonts that work in SBM..Many dingbats won't work in Max..Not sure the reason for that..most .ttf's work.. that is what I go for!!
    Hunt!! But remember..type fonts are NOT copyrightable even though many will say they are..That is why they are so readily available.. No way to police them yet..
  6. mariet
    what is the best site for getting dingbat fonts and is there anything special on downloading, installing to use with SBM ?
    I found some sites with the free downloads. Just do not know if there is anything specail I should know before hand on downloading.
    Thanks in advance for all your help.
  7. autisticwonder can't use brushes in SBM but if you have an outside program that allows can convert to mask shapes which are black and white png/jpg images and use them in SBM..must be transparent layers in them.. otherwise you'll go nuts with weird things happening!! The tutorials don't cover everything but many additional challenges from Fiona (Angelwithin) do have more shapes info!! I LOVE shapes!! Hope you will too!!

    Internet Explorer is the only program the tutorials will run in..Sorry if I didn't mention that!!

    HUGS!! Hang in there!! You are doing great!!
  8. mariet
    I will start off with a thank you sooo much for the video tutorial.
    I thought I would never figure the darn thing out, to get it where I could watch it. LOL ! It would not work with Mozilla Fire Fox. Once I figured that out I was there.
    So once again thank you for your help. Also can you use any of the brushes with SBM, are just certain ones ? Are maybe I should go and watch the tutrioal and I will get my answers. Sorry.
  9. autisticwonder
    Oh, Sweetie...

    Go to this challenge to learn about Shapes!!

    you'll find extra goodies and download the video up Internet Explorer, and then open your video files in order to view them!

    That will help take you through the whole beginning, middle, and advanced shapes learning!!

    Now..quick answer for your "Punch OUT"..In traditional scrapbooking, you have hole punches, corner punches, etc.. you use to cut out shapes and such..Well, in SBM..they have custom shapes feature to do that for you on your SBM I call it "punching out your shapes".. LOL..Hope you understand that!! Sorry for the confusion!!

    HUGS and FUN!!
  10. mariet
    Donna, hope you don't mind my asking a question...What do you mean by punching a shape out?
    How is that done in SBM, punching a shape out ? I am trying to learn how to make shapes and mask templates for SBM, and it is proving to be a real challenge....GRRR!
    I would like to say thank you in advance for any help you might be willing to offer me on this. It would and will be appreciated.
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