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  1. Smile
    Hello kid: Just had to drop you a line and tell you that there is not a day goes buy that I am not reminded of sent me so many useful things on that gift exchange that I have things at home and the cottage. I have Duckie and Smile sitting right beside my computer at all times. How is your summer going so far. Have you been able to get away some place pieceful. I have ,off course ,been spending alot of time at the cottage and off course fishing. Caught a 15lb bass last weekend. Alot of the time I just set on a lawn chair with a great book and my fishing rod. Those are usually the times I miss the big Once again thanks for so many fun and useful things. Hope to hear from you soon....xoxox....Lois
  2. autisticwonder
    You poor thing! LOL..Gee..who did Michelle say you had??? Heeee heee....I'm not going to put you out of your misery!!! LOL..
  3. Smile
    Do you have my name???????????
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