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  1. autisticwonder SWEETIE!! Bless you!! Love YOUr FANTASTIC work!! You ROCK!! THanks SOOO MUCH!! HUGSSSS!!!
  2. eye
    Since you have been so kind a did some advertising your way.
  3. eye
  4. autisticwonder
    Oh..thank goodness!! You had me worried!! THANKS for the SWEET comments SUGAR!!
  5. eye
    No backs means 12 midnight to 8 in the morning.I am not sick ha haYou are to cute ha ha
  6. autisticwonder
    Oh, sick?? Does "on backs" refer to being bedfast?? Oh..didn't know..BLESS you!!
  7. eye
    Yes that charm kit is a perfect idea.You have nice stuff.Just noticed it as I am on backs and it takes awhile to go through everything with eyes half close.Beautiful.
  8. autisticwonder
    You tickle me!! BLESS YOUR BIG HEART!! Thank you for ALL the wonderful things you do!!

    I just got my new computer and it is ROCKIN!! Dell treated me very well!!
  9. eye
    Yes it is sort of like a quick message board.
  10. autisticwonder this like a chat thing?? I'm trying to figure it out!!
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