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    Hi Linda!
    You have a question as to "installing ScrapbookMax"?? bought some of my new templates and can't get them to work?? Hum.. I need a little more info to go on so we can make the system work for you!! We'll get it going for you!!! We've had all the problems you newbies are
    going through now!!LOL..

    Thanks for the rainbow angel notice!! Fiona made that for me!! Angelwithin is her SBM name!! SHe is an artist!! and happens to be my bestest buddie in the world!! She is TRUE to her name!! An ANGEL for sure!!

    Give me some more info like your problems with loading SBM, specifically which templates you purchased.. etc..please!! Then we can troubleshoot together!!

    HUGS and WELCOME!!
  2. Bratboss
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