Conversation Between Smile and fourfoxes

  1. fourfoxes
    My lips are sealed!
  2. Smile
    Do you have my name????????
  3. fourfoxes
    Ooooo.......send me an email at and hopefully we can talk this weekend. That will be fun!
  4. Smile
    Hello its me is my email address: Maby we can get on to msn together with Eye this weekend.
  5. Smile
    Hello girl: Just got your message and I miss you too. The chats were fun and I got alot of laughs out of them. Eye and myself are going down to the cottage for the weekend. I am taking my laptop so maby we can send you a isn't good when we get
  6. fourfoxes
    Hi Smile! Miss the chat sessions! Thought I'd pop in and say hello!
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