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  1. crops2dawn
    I just saw what you wrote to are in BIG trouble.....don't worry I won't bother you again!!!!!!!
  2. crops2dawn
    OMG you messaged everyone on that list didnt you!!!! You are soooooo BAD!!!! and yes I have your stop buggin' everyone.....geezeeeee your driving us NUTS!!!
  3. Smile
    Do you have my name????????
  4. crops2dawn
    Thanksgiving was wonderful!!!! Thanks for blog is...
    Now when you get on it add it to your favorites!!! Silly!!!
    also.... I sure was thinking about you today... I went to the post office so be expecting a package soon....bwahahahahaha
  5. Smile
    Carol how do I get to your bloggie thing again???? I don't see it on here....and how was that Thanksgiving dinner.???
  6. crops2dawn
    Thanks for letting me know your ALIVE, I've been thinking so much of you lately! How I wish I could be with you now...If things get any worse, hop on that plane and you always have a place to stay with me! And I MEAN IT!!!!! Miss you loads and you got my cell number, call any time day or night!!!
  7. Smile
    Hello Carol: Just floating around from house to house. I am in Dartmouth at the moment and half to see a couple of doctors. I am just having a hard time coping with life lately. I will try and call you sometime. I just can't seem to get a grip on being happy lately. Thinking off you....xo
  8. crops2dawn
    Hey Lady the heck are ya! I havent heard from you in must be spending alot of time with Anne lately...hahahahahaha Just checking to see if your alive yet.
  9. crops2dawn
  10. crops2dawn
    YOU are NOT me friend...who are you?????
    Eye pregnant??? whens the baby shower?????
    You only wish Ann came over for lunch... now WAKE Up!!!
    and last but not least.....I dont know what Gzzzzzzzzzz means, but I do know what Grrrrrrrrrrr means...LOL I was pretending to be a bear....hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha
    Hope you are having lunch with Ann again tomorrow... I have to work...
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