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    Ciao Wendy the Madonna di Viggiano is also known as "La Madonna Nera" and her days are usually the first sundays in May and September In May they take up the mountain and in September they bring her back down.

    Still have not heard a thing about my pc...
    Nice talking to you ciao for now
  2. scrappyaggie48
    Ciao Wendy

    Tried sending you a pm but your inbox is full. I am from a place called Viggiano, they may have heard of the Maddona di Viggiano Feast Day which is always held in May and September - it is a pretty big deal and heaps of people always go.

    I have not been posting in the forums or doing any LO at the moment as my computer is being fixed and am using my daughters laptop at the moment.

    Anway enough from me, nice to hear from you
    ciao for now
  3. scrappyaggie48
    Hello Winnie49

    I see you are from Rome, I am also of Italian origin, but I came to Australia when I was 3 yrs of age. Went back for a trip almost 50yrs on - beautiful country, I come from the South - Potenza.

    nice to meet you

    ciao for now

    Aggie (Agnese)xx
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