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  1. babylicious36
    Heya hun.. Sorry didnt reply much earlier, I havent been around much lately.. Skye-Leigh is doing excellent:d She turned 3 in November and has grown up into a gorgeous little girl.
    How are you going?

    Hugs from Mel
  2. nanwu
    hey just skipping throught to say hi, how's Skye Leigh doing....she must be getting big now...take care
  3. babylicious36
    Heya Hun
    We are good, Just got back from a week long trip in Melbourne. Its good to be home though. A week away from my bed is scary lmao.
    Skye-Leigh is doing great, she has grown so much lately, and in just 3.5months will be 3yrs old! She spends most of the day watching tv or playing with her toys and has daycare on Wednesday. Me im doing okay. almost a month ago i hurt my foot and have an incomplete Hairline fracture, gotta have a bone scan done in 2 weeks and then will probably have to see a specialist. 3 weeks ago I had my last 2 wisdom teeth out which was good.
    Anyways take care and chat soon
  4. nanwu
    hey babe, how are you and that gorgeous girl of yours doing...haven't heard from ya in ages....hope all is well...will check out your facebook haven't been on there myself in a while...take care
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