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  1. eye
    I will soon get a e-mail off to you.I am great.
  2. Vanessa
    Hi darling how are you doing
  3. eye
    Hope all is well.Have you had your surgery.Hope you get them fixed xo.Miss yah
  4. eye
    Thank know the strangest thing when I was finished I noticed the land in my picture just hit and connected with the land on your layout.Now how weird is that.
  5. Vanessa
    Love it, it has a really ghostly, ethereal look.
  6. eye
  7. eye
    Yes as the day goes on I am feeling better.I guess I talked to my sister in-law for a long time yesterday and I do not remember it.So I must of been more sick then I thought.
  8. Vanessa
    Glad you are feeling a bit better today. Hope the improvement continues hon.
  9. eye
    I am glad you liked.Well today I am felling better.I was so sick the last few days but feeling a littlebetter today.
  10. Vanessa
    That is a beautiful layout and I love the blend on top of my blended papers - works really well.
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