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  1. Moonlightpearl
    Look as much as you want Irene glad you like. Btw thanks for the lovely comments,xo you are too sweet.
  2. eye
    I was into your gallery and tomorrow night I am going to get to look more at those mystical layouts.
  3. Moonlightpearl
    You are welcome! xo
  4. eye
    Oh that is what I did.Very nice kit.Just getting paypal hooked up so I can get it.Thank you xo
  5. Moonlightpearl
    Hi Irene, just google her name and you will find it.xo
  6. Moonlightpearl
    Hello Irene, I am fine thank you. Just been busy will try to come here more often.xoxoxo
  7. eye
    Have not seen you online for awhile.Are you okay?
  8. Moonlightpearl
    Hope you are feeling better now, going to the gallery to look what new creations you made.xo
  9. eye
    Thank you sweetie.Once I get swelling down and the hurting then I will be able to come back.I hated to leave.It is all caused from sitting 8 hours on my job.My kidneys were okay.But lower legs and feet would swell big time.I got a special seat and also a gel seat which is helping.I may in time quitt my job.I guess the sitting was making the blood pool in my upper legs causing the lower legs to swell.
  10. Moonlightpearl
    Welcome back Eye, you need to rest don't over do it.xo
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