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  1. eye
    Yes it was so nice to chat as well.That kit is no longer a freebie.It was only on for a short time.

    called 1001 nights
  2. nanwu
    hey there gorgeous,, it was great having a quick chat on skype the other night (morning for you)...hope to catch you on there again sometime....was checking out your layouts in the gallery....really love the prom layout of Sheena......really liked the look of the kit also, noticed you said it had been a freebie and was wondering if it still is...and where I would go to download...and by the way, I don't have an accent you do LOL
  3. eye
    You take care and I hope to catch up with you real soon xo
  4. nanwu
    hey, yeah I'm fine....really busy at the moment with family stuff...have been away from home since Feb....had my son's wedding and am now waiting for my eldest daughters baby to be born. my laptop died so have been borrowing my daughters...(when she's not using it LOL). Have had some other family issues to deal with....but hope to be back on more when i finally get back home in June.
  5. eye
    Where have you been.I was worried about you.Missed yah.Are things okay?I am doing a long stretch of nights.Did 8 and have four more to go.It will be overtime now---yipee.
  6. nanwu
    hey there, just wanted to say's been ages since i just sent you a hug sooooo here's a REALLY BIG ONE!!!!!!
  7. nanwu
    hey my friend, just skipping through and leaving some love and hugs
  8. eye
    I loved chatting with you.You are one of my friends that I really like.
  9. nanwu
    was great catching up in the chat room, you look after yourself okay, and remember you are a very special person
  10. nanwu
    just wanted to stop by and leave some hugs for you
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