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  1. *eng*
    I am about but just don't seem to get here very often now, I'll catch up with you soon xxxx
  2. *eng*
    Oh that's good. Yes we will get back on track soon Have been reading your posts and Sheena's romance updates xxx
  3. eye
    I am okay I willtry to connect with you sometimeI miss our chats but I have not forgotten you.One day we will hit the messenger.Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year.
  4. *eng*
    You ok My messenger seems to be better than it was!
  5. *eng*
    My messenger seems to be opening today. I am in and out but I'm leaving my lappy on if you get this xx
  6. eye
    That is okay we will not loose our contact or our friendship.we will hit bases one of these days.Miss yah xoHope all is okay as I noticed a few days you were quiet.
  7. *eng*
    I am not signed into messenger and yet I have it ticked to sign me in annoying I'll be in touch, trying to catch up at work and play lol x
  8. eye
    Hi sweetie.yes we must get to chatting again.Wonder why you are having so much problems.We still are planning to visit you xo.Great minds think alike.I was just thinking about you last night.Miss yah xo
  9. *eng*
    Sorry I keep missing you on msn. It just won't keep me signed in. I have upgraded it but it hasn't helped.I'll email you soon if it doesn't connect soon
  10. eye
    hi eng this is so different
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