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  1. Smile
    Hay cousin, Mary has lost her Blinkie and wants us to help her find it ...........she is on NSBR
  2. eye
    I need your phone number.
  3. eye
    Linda and Marlyn will be homeThursday.Susie is staying perky. Where are you.have not a single word from you and you know how I hate that.Miss yah.
  4. eye
    Went to see Susie.She is perky today.This is the best I seen her look.Perhaps it is the calm before the storm.Marilyn and perhaps Linda may be home next week.
    How are you doing.Have not heard from you.I am working the next 3 nights.Miss yah xo.
  5. eye
    Hi loie.How are you.Well I went to see Susie.She has had a pint of blood each day.I think they are doing a scope tomorrow.She was a little more alert today but her skin color was almost green today compared to last night.She is a littler stronger and can hold cups a little better.Gave her some snacks as you know they put it so far away from her.They have not moved her yet.Poor Lulu looks so awful.I tokk Wally up today and he can see the change.What a shame.Her spirits are positive and we try hard not to slip out with anything.It is going to be a hard one.
    I got your songs on a cd.Only about 27 but they are good.Will look for the rest so you can have a set.Take care of yourself and keep in touch.Luv yah and miss yah.
  6. eye
    hi smile
  7. Smile
    Whow you said she was bad. I guess now they will do tests to see how bad she is.
  8. eye
    Well Susie is admitted in Hospital in Amherst.She went up for test and they kept her but I think she will not be around for very long.Laurie got shocked when he seen her she has lost weight and so yellow.We tried to help her but she would not listen now she is scared and I think it is too late for help.What a shame that alcohol is so addicting.She could not even see what we seen.So sad.It would not surprise me if she dies while in Hospital.
  9. eye
    Gee I miss you.You have a great day and say hi to Tracy for me.I hope Drew has great luck.Got the dog fixed and I think they did something to punish me as he sure is hyper ha ha or is he my dog.
  10. Smile
    Good morning Irene. These dogs are sure cute and lots of fun. Drew is down here staying at a friends and looking for work. He is going to drop by later. Also I have been invited out to supper at Tracey's (Gary's daughter) tonight and I am looking forward to that. She has sweet kids and I just love being with them. I usually only get to see them at the beach in the summer. Hope you had a good shift last night and that you are feeling better. I will chat with you later....xo
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