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  1. sylvia esther
    gidday to you, I wanted to invite you to my blog Hope you aren't working too hard and that you are well and happy. You look great in your new photos!
  2. sylvia esther
    You know I haven't read the books yet, been too busy. did you hear I'm going to be a grandma again. IVF baby and very special, due in June. This will make 6 grandchildren for us.
  3. eye
    Missed yah.Yes this is Sheena and her new one.I love the twilight kits.Have you read the books.
  4. sylvia esther
    Hi from Oz, I've been to Tasmania for a break, put some piccies in the gallery. Hope you are doing well. Love your Twilight Pages, by the way. Are they your lovebirds?
  5. sylvia esther
    You just get on that plane and head for Sydney, we will show you a good time! we might even throw a shrimp on the barbie!
  6. eye
    If yah come down this way and are close by me your welcome to stay at my place.
  7. sylvia esther
    Hi eye, just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comments on my layouts. No we didn't do a world trip, just Italy and Sicily, but when you fly to the continent from Australia you must go via Hong Kong or Thailand or London AND the flight is 25 hours and very expensive. So we try to cram lots into our dollar. Don't feel bad about not leaving Canada, it is the only country my husband wants to visit. I hope we get there one day, it looks so beautiful.
  8. eye
    Thank you.We have been cleaning her house and what a task.She must of had ten of everythig.
  9. sylvia esther
    Sorry, just read your news. Hope you all find peace.
  10. eye
    Thank you sweetie. xo
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