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  1. eye
    Where are you Croppie.I have worried about you so much and then I see you have not been here since Oct.I Miss You.xo
  2. crops2dawn
    It's Gorgeous Eye!!! Thanks!!!
  3. eye
  4. eye
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  7. eye
    Hi Crops.Did you get the pink one.Though it was showing png it never got to be png so I did it over.Someone else did the same thing.So maybe it is a fluke in sbm.
  8. eye
    I was really pleased with your kits and thank you for sharing them xo.
  9. crops2dawn
    Hey Eyeball... I wish I had the time to make more stuff, maybe soon...but not right now...working to much and planning for vacation soon! Its soooo Cool seeing my stuff in the gallery, now I know how you feel when you see someone using all your great stuff.
    Thanks Eye!!!
  10. eye

    Did one on your Valentine Kit.Love it and we need more of your art. xo
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