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  1. eye
    Glad to hear from you.Do hope all is well with you and your loved ones xo.
  2. sharonb50
    Hey dear lady, i have been gone from here for a while. But i hope to pop in again. hugs to you.
  3. eye
    Oh Dear I am having trouble.I wrote password but it will not let me.So I tye lost password and it said type in nickname and press send and it said sorry I was not registered.Can you help me again.
  4. eye
    I was thinking about you the other day.So glad all is well with you.I am doing well.Decided to get some weight off and so far 40 1/2 pounds.So I have more energy then a teenager.Keep in touch xo.
  5. sharonb50
    hey Miss Eye, sorry i haven't been around in sometime now. but i wish you happiness and joy all the time. hugs and smooches
  6. eye
    I wished I could download what I make of your stuff.Just got one in a long time ago and it said I was too full to put anymore in.I just love your stuff.
  7. eye
    You are so kind xo.How are you.
  8. sharonb50
    Just popped in to say happy Sat! hugs and smooches dearest.
  9. eye
  10. eye
    Happy New year to you.I just got called in for 3-11.We had plans but a blizzard is heading my way so I might as well work.Thanks for all your stuff and if the gallery on your site will let me I will post some of the layouts.It only aloud me to download what I had put in there and after that I could not put any more in.Your stuff is awesome and I love all of it.Thank you.
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