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  1. sylvia esther
    Gidday, hope all is well with you and your family. Life can get tough sometimes can't it. I wanted to invite you to my new blog. You can find it here
  2. sylvia esther
    Sorry to hear it's tough right now, let's hope Christmas will be good to you. you are missed.
  3. poppabob
    I'm still around and checking in. Been very busy lately and my mother-in-law isn't doing real well these days. It's been a grind trying to keep up with everything.

    Thanks for checking on me. I just have to take care of the family right now and it's taking all I've got.
  4. sylvia esther
    Where are you? Missing your input. Have a great Christmas.
  5. sylvia esther
    Dropped by to say gidday! Thank you for your quick answers to questions.
  6. poppabob
    Sounds like a plan!
  7. sylvia esther
    I figured if you are going to steal my camera we might as well be friends!
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