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  1. sylvia esther
    Hi from Oz, hope you and Mum are fine. Just got back from Tasmania as you can see from all the piccies, thought I would say hello. Lesley
  2. sylvia esther
    sorry to read of your scare with the quake. I can't imagine how it would be to live with the fear of the big one. Hope you have stopped shaking.
  3. sylvia esther
    I've been playing with it too, Granny, and I can't believe it is free! I was trying to save up for Pattern Studio 5 but now I won't have to. Oh, and you are very welcome.
  4. sylvia esther
    Hi granny,
    Sent you a link to a free seamless texture program 'cos I can't get 2020 to work on vista. Please tell me what you think about it. Enjoy your week
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