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  1. sylvia esther
    Thinking of you right now, sending prayers across the ocean.
  2. eye
    Not a mastermind but a looney nutt ha ha
  3. sylvia esther
    Thank you for explaining. But, I still think you really are a mastermind!
  4. eye
    Well if you look above on the right side of my name in a post it will tell you I posted over 7000 messages.So in the begining when you got to 200 they gave you a name.Lately they have changed these.So in order to earn a name post post ha ha.I started when the program just started.

    Sorry I answered you on my post instead of yours ha ha.
  5. sylvia esther
    Don't want to be a nuisance, but I;m curious about the titles under members names. e.g. MAX! Mastermind, Layout Whiz etc. Where do they come from, they are obviously earned. Ta for your time.
  6. eye
    You are good at what you do.You should see mine.If you go to gallery and go to the last page and go backwards you will see how i actually started and it was not pleasant.In fact no one would vote for me.We used to have voting from 1-10 till some bad apple caused problems and we lost the point system.
  7. sylvia esther
    A quick thanks for all the great helpful comments. You have a great "eye" for detail, bet you've heard that before. I really do appreciate your advice. I am pretty new to this and would love to get much better.
  8. eye
    your welcome xo.It is neat eh.
  9. sylvia esther
    Thank you so much for your help. This is so much better! Now I'm using the site properly. xoxoxo
  10. eye
    So you got it running.Thanks.Hope my instructions were easy.You got your first message.Now to reply you only need to hit my face and it will take you to my site .
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