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  1. mahler
    Hi Lesley yes we are fine here how about you in Australia! The weather is getting very hot here now, thank god for aircon..
  2. sylvia esther
    Just dropped in to say hello, hope all is well in Spain!
  3. sylvia esther
    Glad you liked the sunflower page, I was thinking of your flower pages, which I love.
  4. sylvia esther
    I have added the blinky to my signature. If you right click on it and save as a .gif file you will be able to follow autistic wonder's instructions in the forum. go to forum and look back at posts until you find where she tells how to upload a blinky. Try that. at least you can see what it looks like! Keep trying, lesley
  5. sylvia esther
    Oh maybe colours, symbols, and what you would like it to say. The file isn't very big so maybe I could email it to your email address.
  6. sylvia esther
    Hi, as you can see I learned how to make a blinky. If you would like one I would be glad to make one for you. Let me know what you would like.
    Cheers, Lesley (SylviaEsther)
  7. sylvia esther
    Loved your poppies, very elegant, did you grow them?
  8. sylvia esther
    Hi from Australia to Spain! Thank for your friendship request. I am thrilled you asked and accept gratefully. Keep in touch.
    Cheers, Lesley (SylviaEsther)
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