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  1. *eng*
    It has been playing up...a lot! Eye managed to chat last night , first time in months!
  2. crops2dawn
    I got your name on it...but I never see ya on....LOL maybe one of these days we will both be on at the same time.....LOL
  3. *eng*
    Am trying to sort messenger out! I still have you there and am trying to delete and readd. I don't know why it's causing me so many problems. I'll keep trying!
  4. crops2dawn
    Yes, I am back on messenger...but I dont have your name anymore, I tried putting you on, but for some reason it doesnt work...try to add my name and I will accept, I think that is the only way I am gonna find its still the same...[email protected].....I would love to chat with ya and SOON! LOL
  5. *eng*
    LOL....I keep forgetting this chat thing is here. Are you back on messenger now! Remember the early funny!
  6. crops2dawn
    OMG is that really you????? Holy Crap I think I am gonna have a heart attack.....LOL Soooooo Happy to hear from you! You sure surprised me, thats for sure! Take Care sweetie!!!!
  7. *eng*
    Hello Crops, thanks for your message, things are not too bad, well could be worse x
  8. crops2dawn
    Hey Eng...just stopping by to say HI!! Hope all is going better for ya!
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