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  1. LaurieDottie1407
    Hi Mary
    How have you been doing these past 2 years since I last posted a note to you.
    Hope you a great Christmas.

    Well I am back , it's been way to long but due to illness I just couldn't focus on scrap booking. But now I am back and raring to go again so much to learn.Just trying to set myself us on my page has been a challenge in it's self. And trying to figure posting my creations too , but I did succeed in creating 2 albums .
    Take care Mary will chat soon I hope.
  2. LaurieDottie1407
    Hi Mary
    Could you help this old gal out I am trying to upload my album but only get error red circles nothing uploads they are saved as jpg
    What am I doing wrong ??
    HELP !! Please LOL
    Ty Ty
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