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  1. Marion
    Hey Vickie, Sorry to hear about the autism. There are several families here in our forum that have autistic children. Donna Thomas for one, (Autisticwonder) has 2 sons. She could maybe help with some pointers and give you some help. In the mean time keep doing what you are doing, he seems like a happy boy in your care.

  2. tackettup
    Hey Marion thanks for the welcome back! I've been missing my scrapbooking and it felt good to finally get a page done. Our son, Tyen was just recently diagnosed with autism and I have been pouring a lot of my "free" time into learning all I can to be the best help to him. I love putting together different learning tasks and projects that are fun and beneficial to his learning. He constantly reminds me how to find joy and pleasure in the simple things in life. Anyways, it is nice to be back!

  3. tackettup
    Type in the search window 'gnome house' It is on page 4. Hope this helps. If not I can probably send you the link. Let me know.
  4. Marion
    It is, but I haven't been able to find it yet. But I found lots of other neat stuff, so my search was not in vain
  5. tackettup
    Hey, Marion

    Happy mushroom picking on Flickr! Isn't that the cutest background?
  6. tackettup
    Hey, Marion! If you want that background I used in Follow the Yellow Brick Road just type in Follow the yellow brick road on Flickr and it should bring it up. I think it was on the first or second page. Hope this is helpful.

  7. tackettup
    Avatar!! Who knew? Obviously, not me. haha Thanks, Marion, for your help.
  8. Marion
    Regarding your profile picture, Did you upload it as a avatar? And did you check the size?
  9. tackettup
    I uploaded a new picture made sure it wasn't too big and I'm still not seeing it load when I comment on someones layout. Hmmm...I'm stumped. Any ideas? Thanks, Vickie
  10. Marion
    Thanks Vickie, I will try that. As far as your profile, it only shows a question mark. No picture. Did you try and upload it and make sure the size is not to big?
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