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  1. sylvia esther
    Hi Joan, I dropped by to invite you to my new blog! hope you are doing better now and the medication has been sorted out. Here is my blog
  2. sylvia esther
    Hi, nice to see you back!
  3. sylvia esther
    Happy Birthday to you!, hope it is a great day!
  4. sylvia esther
    Hi Joan, miss you hope all is well. Have been away myself for a while, we went to Tasmania for a short break. Beautiful country scenery. Hope to see some pages of yours soon. How is the Spanish heat? Cheers, Lesley
  5. sylvia esther
    Hi Joan,
    Good to have you back. Hope you enjoyed your family visit and hope you found them all well and happy. Very cold here at present as opposed to your heat. We are all well. As you can see I have had a lovely play with Realdraw and made lots of things to share. Once you do the tutorials it is really very easy. Glad you are back on deck, look forward to seeing some pages. Best wishes, Lesley
  6. sylvia esther
    Hi Joan

    You must be still visiting your family, I haven't seen any of your pages lately. looking forward to some pictures of UK. Just thought I would say hello.
  7. sylvia esther
    Hello Joan

    I do hope you have a wonderful trip to visit your grandchildren. Lots of pictures to take on the way. I have been out of action for a while with flu. We are planning a trip to Rome in February. My daughter and her family are joining us for 2 weeks in the eternal city. Enjoy your time with your family in the UK, it is a wonderful place, so full of history.

    Cheers, Lesley
  8. mahler
    Hi Lesley,how are thing with you in Australia?I am fine here in Spain we are currently planning a trip back to UK at the moment to see our daughters and grandchildren ( I can't wait). We are going to drive back this time. I am just loving the pages and kits you are making they are wonderful.Bye for now Joan
  9. sylvia esther
    Hi Joan, Yes you are right we went to the coast for a few days. We stood on the headland in the photos and watched the whales migrate north to the tropics to calve.
    Good for the soul!
    Love to you, lesley
  10. sylvia esther
    Maybe right now I envy you the hot weather, it is 4 degrees celsius right now. That is probably the coldest it gets here where we live. Would love to see some photos of where you live, it must be great to live in Spain!
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