Conversation Between sharonb50 and nanwu

  1. nanwu
    hey Sharon, happy new year to you
  2. sharonb50
    Happy Holidyas dearest!
  3. nanwu
    hey just popped on over to your blog...thanks so much for the Tiffany blue wedding's have some great stuff in the store also...really love your work
  4. sharonb50
    hey dearest everything is fine, I have been working late so not much time for play, hee hee, but thanks for thinking of me. and check out the new free kits on my site when you have time. ((hugs))
  5. nanwu
    hey noticed you haven't been around much....hope everything is okay
  6. sharonb50
    glad you like the doll maker, enjoy!
  7. nanwu
    oh yeah, forgot to say thanks for letting us use the dollmakers I have had such a ball hope to use them on some pages soon so I can show you (and everyone else)
  8. nanwu
    wow,stopped by your site again this morning checked out your dolls and the doll makers... I am so hooked... great work
  9. sharonb50
    thanks for stoppin by, enjoy the kit
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