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  1. eye
    So glad you liked my layouts.Sometimes I put a little too much on a page.Your kits are awesome.I have more made.So as soon as that one goes in scrapbook max I will put another up.Got another Question.Can you not put a layout in or does it have to be posted elsewhere then brought in to your site?I am full of questios eh.
  2. sharonb50
    you can start a new thread or post in the one with the layout you post. either way is ok. It pretty much works just like this forum only it's smaller. but if you need more help let me know ((hugs))
  3. eye
    Did it now I got just one more question.If you want to write about layout do you just start another thread after the layout is up..
  4. sharonb50
    oh the profile pic? has to be 80x80
  5. eye
    what size is thepicture suppose to be.I tried 3 times but cannot get it right.
  6. eye
    Okay will try it tomorrow xo.Thank you xo.
  7. sharonb50
    and add that url to a post at my site. just drop the code in a html box. I added a tut to show ya on my site. too.
  8. sharonb50
    I added for ya,(smiles) But if you want to ever add another... just go to you scrapbook max gallery where the pic is posted and get the html url link right under your picture.
  9. eye
    That is what I did but how do you download the layout.
  10. sharonb50
    if you click on the member gallery link at the top of my site it will take you to the gallery to post. just start a thread there just like you would here. If you need more help just let me know ((hugs))
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