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  1. eye
    I have been away for three days.Sheenahad her 16 birthday and I took her and two other girls to the beach and they had a ball.We all went for a drive and found this old shop with clothes from the 20'and 30's.No one was around and they had a ball trying on hats and dresses and old purses and lots of pictures.They also had a mud slide.So it was a fantatic week end.Thank you for leaving a message.Glad all is well with you.
  2. sharonb50
    haven't been over this way in a while, life is busy, poped by to say hi!((hugs))
  3. eye
    Just another question.Your Teddy Bear kit is it just one file as it said their was a second file for members but I do not see it..Have a hard time with pass word and had to change it.
  4. eye
    Okay i will try the upload of threee
  5. sharonb50
    to use the gallery, upload 3 at a time (i think) once they upload-pick member gallery in the drop down box and that's it
  6. eye
    Now I am confused.I cannot figure gallery out.I put two layoutsin and it would not allow me to do the third and then of coarse I deleted them by mistake.I may need your directions again.Whew I need help ha ha.
  7. eye
    Well I was already registered so I went in and redid it over again.just awaiting for approval.Now if I am approved I hope I can put my layouts in again that I did with your stuff.I hope it will be easy ha ha
  8. sharonb50
    sorry about the gallery, it was too small for member needs, sent you an pm message to explain, also posting a note on the site. talk soon ((hugs))
  9. eye
    I see you changed the gallery.I lost all my work.So does this mean I need to put them all back in.
  10. sharonb50
    well thing is right now you can not upload a layout directly to the forum. That is one of the bugs in the forum we are working on. We have not figured out how to make that work just yet so right now it has to be a layout you already have online somewhere. you can also store your layouts in a picture file like and then use the url from there also.
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